Notable Engagements

Corporate Finance

Twinberry Partners advised and assisted the Special Committee of Independent Directors of BBX Capital Corp with its response to a tender offer from BFC Financial Corporation for a significant minority interest.  Our services included assisting the Special Committee of the Board of Directors with its Form 14D-9 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Expert Testimony

At the request of the Delaware Insurance Commissioner, Mr.  Arcy offered expert testimony in Delaware’s Chancery Court in a hearing on a liquidation petition and order of insolvency in the matter of the Rehabilitation of Freestone Insurance Company.

Key Value Drivers

We advised senior management of a global capital markets firm with its understanding of key value drivers and its enterprise value for stock compensation purposes.

Financial Reporting

We advised various entities on understanding and measuring the assets acquired and liabilities assumed, including contingent consideration (i.e., purchase price allocation), as part of an M&A event for both financial reporting and tax planning/reporting purposes.